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Tips for First-Time International Travelers

For those planning to travel abroad for the first time, there are many preparations to make and arrangements to consider. In many cases, an international excursion could be a bucket list item, sweepstakes prize, honeymoon destination, or a combination of influences. Planning any trip can be stressful and subject to unexpected pitfalls, even with seasoned travelers. However, when organizing an inaugural trip overseas, the preparations can be more complicated than anticipated. With that in mind, here are some tips for first-time international travelers.

1. Making Sure the Documentation Is in Order–Regardless of the international destination, there is a lot of preparation and paperwork to organize. From booking a flight to arranging lodgings and transportation, there are a myriad of aspects to consider, such as obtaining a passport and applying for visas. When procuring these items, it is crucial to apply ahead of time and be aware of any fees that may be required. Moreover, travelers should verify the visa requirements for any destinations involved and handle their paperwork in advance.

2. Do the Research and Become Familiar With the Surroundings–The importance of someone orienting themselves with a foreign country before departing cannot be overstated, especially for novice travelers. Some of the factors to research and become familiar with include the time zone in which the destination is located, language(s) spoken, weather patterns, and the currency used.

3. Invest in Travel Insurance–While this may sound like a no-brainer, it is surprising how many people do not understand the need for or importance of travel insurance. Umbrella coverage of this nature helps safeguard against lost luggage, postponed flights, and other incidentals. Moreover, these preventative measures can save adventurers a significant amount of money and provide peace of mind.

4. Notify Banking Institutions and Credit Card Companies of Travel Plans–When traveling to unfamiliar or foreign locales, it is wise for clients to notify their financial institutions of their itinerary in advance to avoid declined transactions due to suspected fraud or theft.

International forays can be a source of wish fulfillment and enrich people’s lives. As such, these tips can help keep first-time international travelers safe while broadening their horizons and stimulating their existence.


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