• Living in Portland, Oregon, Frank Chiaro is a passionate environmentalist who has spent years honing his knowledge and hands-on skills in water and environmental conservation. In high school, Frank got involved in the high school Lake Ecology Program – and later Marine Biology Program – through Shedd Aquarium. Frank Chiaro’s passion for animals and his desire to help others have motivated him to volunteer at the local animal shelter in his junior and senior years. During this time, he worked with the shelter’s cats and dogs on various aspects of their care. After graduating from high school, Frank attended college, where he got involved with the Pacific Discovery GAP Program. Here, he embarked on a four-month service trip to Hawaii focused on environmental stewardship and cultural understanding. During this time, he got involved in the Canyoning club and spent weekends mountain climbing and hiking. College is also where Frank Chiaro got his start working with the Cook County Forest Preserve as a Volunteer, which he continues to this day.
  • How New COVID-Tracking Apps Make Travel Safer

    The global COVID pandemic forced changes people never expected. Some of the most extensive changes affect travelers. Even as countries open their borders more liberally, differences exist in how people plan for work and pleasure trips. Apps have become the most effective and easiest way to stay safe and informed. Here are some ways the […]

  • Leaps to Prepare Your Business for AI

    Being a competitive business today calls for some use of technology. In many cases, the more you use, the better. With its relative newness, however, business owners don’t fully understand the potential of artificial intelligence. This technology does go beyond robots that you can talk to. Websites, in fact, use AI to learn about web […]

  • Costs Associated With Not Updating Technology

    It’s common knowledge that technology can be expensive, especially when it comes to businesses that need multiple software licenses, workstations, and the like. What might surprise you is that saving a little money by putting off upgrading your technology is not a good approach. Here are some of the lesser-known costs associated with clinging to old technology, […]

  • Abandoned Places Around The World

    Sometimes, the most abandoned places in the world become fascinating sites about which to learn and even visit, when allowed. City Hall Station: New York This ornately decorated subway station glimmers with artistic beauty from the colorful stained glass, tile, brickwork, and chandeliers that line the walls and ceilings throughout. It was used heavily until […]

  • Great Food Tours to Be Savored, Enjoyed, and Experienced

    While food tours are undoubtedly enjoyable, they are also worthwhile as people become immersed in the area’s culture they are visiting and have many delightful experiences. They pay once and then relax and enjoy all the meals and information provided by the food guides along the way. The restaurants they visit have the most authentic […]

  • Tips on How to Promote Your Art

    Many artists create purely for the sake of self-expression. Others choose to gather their best pieces and sell them to an audience. The two choices involve different skills. Interaction with followers is important for success in professional art. Artists hoping to make money with their work should learn some aspects of a business. From managing […]

  • How to Use Photoshop

    Photoshop is a great program, and it has a ton of tools to help you do anything from crop and edit photos to create stunning visual effects and digital illustrations. Going over every single tool and function of Photoshop would take days, as there are entire courses focusing on the color balance and adjustment tools […]

  • Tips for taking care of your electronic devices

    Each electronic device you own requires specific care practices to keep it in the best possible condition. Regularly cleaning your devices will help you reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria while making them more enjoyable to use. Your user manuals should include care instructions, but if you don’t have access to the manuals, devices […]

  • An Explanation of Virtual Reality

    Trying to understand virtual reality (VR) is relevant as public technology begins to adopt it widely. There are businesses using VR to sell products and services. Game developers pursue it in an effort to redefine the gaming world. Schools offer education tutorials through it. Internet developers now need it to make their vision of web […]

  • Looking at the Beauty of Canada

    In several ways, Canada unites with the United States. In addition to sharing borders, Niagara Falls and the Rockies extend themselves from Canada into the U.S., and Alaska pairs itself with the west coast of Canada in an interesting ocean cruise along the western edges of the two countries. The province of Alberta, which sits […]

  • How travel has changed since the age of the internet

    How people plan and take trips has changed significantly in the last couple of decades, and the internet has been one of the major drivers of those changes.  Prior to the late 1990s, people had to visit a travel agent in order to compare many different options for prices, destinations, and dates. The internet made […]

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