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Living in Portland, Oregon, Frank Chiaro is a passionate environmentalist who has spent years honing his knowledge and hands-on skills in water and environmental conservation. In high school, Frank got involved in the high school Lake Ecology Program – and later Marine Biology Program – through Shedd Aquarium. Frank Chiaro‘s passion for animals and his desire to help others have motivated him to volunteer at the local animal shelter in his junior and senior years. During this time, he worked with the shelter’s cats and dogs on various aspects of their care. After graduating from high school, Frank Chiaro attended college, where he got involved with the Pacific Discovery GAP Program. Here, he embarked on a four-month service trip to Hawaii focused on environmental stewardship and cultural understanding. During this time, he got involved in the Canyoning club and spent weekends mountain climbing and hiking. College is also where Frank Chiaro got his start working with the Cook County Forest Preserve as a Volunteer, which he continues to this day.

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    Pop-up art exhibits have become an integral part of the art world, as they allow emerging artists to exhibit their work on a short-term basis. In a world where exhibitions usually take place for around three years, the concept of allowing young artists to exhibit their work in small spaces is appealing. Besides providing a […]

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    In 2017, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) entered the art world. They have since changed the way we think about art, allowing us to buy and sell works of art. However, how has this transformed the market? In this article, the various factors that have caused this phenomenon and how it has affected the art world are explored. NFTs […]