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If you’re a tech-inclined person, you might be interested in the latest iPhone release, gaming console, or tech update. If so, these tech-savvy Instagram influencers are the perfect fit for your brand.

Delia, aka Tech Unicorn

Digital nomad and Google engineer, Delia, invites her followers to join her in the tech world. While working as a Google Engineer, she also enjoys traveling and working remotely. In her videos, she shares her thoughts on coding and website building.

Arun Maini

According to his bio, tech influencer and entrepreneur Arun is from the U.K. He aims to build a community of like-minded individuals passionate about technology. His 1.4 million followers follow him for his reviews of the latest smartphones and tablets and his take on the world’s most extreme tech products.

Tyler McElhaney

Tyler is a content creator who enjoys sharing his thoughts on all things tech, including gaming, photography, and gadgets. He also regularly posts about his favorite products, such as wireless earbuds and desktop monitors.

Justine Ezarik aka iJustine

Justine is an outgoing personality known for her content creator, podcaster, and tech reviewer work. She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram. She also enjoys talking about the latest smartphones and tablets.

Marques Brownlee

He has a passion for reviewing and researching the latest tech products and gained an impressive 3.6 million followers on Instagram. In addition to his product reviews, he also interviews the people involved in the industry.

Sasha Tran

As a digital creator based in Las Vegas, she regularly posts about the latest tech trends and desktop setups. She is also a mid-tier influencer who frequently features lighting products and 3D modeling software.

Judner Aura

Although he mainly focuses on gaming, Judner regularly posts about various tech topics. His over 300,000 Instagram followers are entertained by his wide range of posts. These include reviews of vintage gaming devices and the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

Marie-Philippe Gill, aka Girl Knows Tech

Marie is a tech blogger with a research and software engineering background. She regularly shares her knowledge about the latest tech products and job search tips. Her 63.9K followers are also interested in learning more about mechanical keyboards and smartphones.

Lewis Hilsenteger

Lewis enjoys getting his hands on the latest tech products and often reveals them to his followers. He is a macro-influencer known for sharing his opinions on various products. His followers are also excited for the next new release of his “unboxing therapy.”

Matthew Moniz

Matthew is a talented video creator who regularly produces informative and entertaining content for his followers. He can provide his customers with a deeper understanding of various tech products. His videos also feature performance comparisons and reviews of tablets.

Joshua Vergara

Joshua is a tech video creator who regularly produces informative and interactive content for his followers. He likes to unbox the latest gadgets and ask his followers for feedback.

Safwan Ahmedmia aka SuperSaf

A talented video creator, Safwan is known for his extensive knowledge of tech and travel topics. He also enjoys unboxing the latest gadgets and smartphones on Instagram.

Austin Evans

He is a talented tech video creator who regularly produces entertaining and useful content. With over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Austin can introduce his followers to the latest computer systems and build gaming rigs using a 3D-printed cube.

Jessica Naziri

As a video creator, on-air expert, and video uploading enthusiast, Jessica can provide gadget and tech reviews for non-technical consumers, such as those interested in smart home products. She also shares her content creation tips and tricks.

Sara Dietschy

Podcaster Sara is based in Dallas, and she enjoys blending technology and creativity. Her Instagram followers are mainly interested in her reviews of the latest cameras, streaming microphones, and premium light.

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