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Great Food Tours to Be Savored, Enjoyed, and Experienced

While food tours are undoubtedly enjoyable, they are also worthwhile as people become immersed in the area’s culture they are visiting and have many delightful experiences. They pay once and then relax and enjoy all the meals and information provided by the food guides along the way. The restaurants they visit have the most authentic food, having been carefully chosen by the food guide to ensure that people leave the tour having acquired knowledge of different foods and the experience of new tastes.

Porto, Portugal Offers Cultural Experiences 

Portugal’s second city offers many cultural experiences, and its food undoubtedly reflects the country’s culture. The founder of Taste Porto with her husband, Carly Petracco, declares, “Food is an expression of culture.” The Vintage Food Tour covers three kilometers of vintage Portuguese drinks and foods, history, culture, and architecture. On this tour, visitors may visit the Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves cafe, which offers flaky pastries. The Flor de Congregados sandwich bar offers a slow-roasted pork special that is delicious. Taste Porto also has a Vintage Tour that includes a stop in Touriga, a wine shop with the perfect port for anyone’s palate.

Berlin, Germany’s Otto Offers Traditional Dishes

A small box of a restaurant with a tiny kitchen, Otto is lauded as “contemporary but quintessentially German.” Otto has introduced “a new generation” of modern food at this restaurant in Berlin, such as “Wild Boar Rib with Grilled Cabbage and boar jus” or the deboned Grilled Trout from 25 Teicher with trout garum and seasonal greens.

Culinary Bicycle Tour in Copenhagen

This tour takes bicyclists on a culinary exploration of less touristy areas such as Nørrebro and Refshaleøen. The company’s founder, Cindie Christiansen, conducts guests to various places, from street food to fine dining. A tour can include open-faced sandwiches at Selma, Kejser Sausage in buns at the Bridge Street Kitchen, and potato fries at Tapperiet Brus. Local drinks such as Nordic ciders are available. The food on this tour is consumed as everyone is seated with a complete dish.

Culinary Back Streets Tour in Naples

A Culinary Backstreets tour takes gourmands to the ancient city walls of Porta Capuana. Tourists can drink an espresso and have sweet, ricotta-filled sfogliatelle (a light, flaky roll). Later on, there are samples of salt cod, sulphuric water from Vesuvius that has healing powers, and a bruschetta-like snack from the traditional old Giselle bakery. Sorbilio pizza is also available.


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