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How Has Technology Changed the Way that Businesses Function?

After the Industrial Revolution, the business world pretty much stayed the same for a very long time. Then came the Technological Revolution and a time period that has caused rapid changes in business that keep going with no end date in sight.

Technology has been adapting, mutating, and developing at an extremely fast rate that only went into overdrive with all the quarantine changes that started in 2020. Just 10 years ago, there were no marketing formats like Instagram and Twitter, there was no voice search technology, and there was no personal or business video sharing going on. Recent technological advances have changed everything about the way businesses operate in a rapid change that has never been seen before in the history of time.

Several technological changes in the way people now do business stand out including the way people communicate and share information. Technology has made sharing information easier, faster, and more efficient with new applications like Zoom, Slack, chatbots, social media platforms, and much more. A deeper artificial intelligence (AI) has made it much easier for companies to obtain information about what customers really want which is very useful. Businesses only need to be mindful that they don’t let AI take over so much that we lose the human touch in building relationships with customers.

Another important technological advancement in business is the mobile-first technology with smart phones and tablets making remote management a part of everything business-related now. Mobile-first technology and the pandemic restrictions have made remote working and learning more and more popular and something that will surely be sticking around. Another important change that technology has brought to business is the increase in function and decrease of cost. The hardware and software that is necessary for business solutions has become much easier to use and afford and the number of tech-savvy business-minded individuals has greatly increased as well making it so that business ideas come to life with less time and less money. Technological advancements in business have made so many things much easier and there is no doubt those in business can really use technology to their advantage if they are willing to give these new options a try.


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